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Back in the day, Kurt was one of the guys that would trudge off to work, make the best of what was offered and then head out for a few beers after work. Likeable and full of humor, it was easy to see how this could have been a lifestyle that lasted — but it didn’t.
Over time it became obvious that Kurt von Ahnen was a different kind of automotive professional. He established

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The Book That Got Things Started

With decades in the service industry, I became frustrated that one service center after another failed to be the greener pasture. When I went from one shop to the next, I questioned myself and tried to be objective. Over time I discovered that my inclinations were correct – it wasn’t me, it was a broken system that chose to cycle through staff and roll the dice. 


Service Writing in Black and White was released to serve as a backdrop to what becomes the founding blocks of a successful Service Writer, Service Manager, and eventually cohesive Service Group. 

Launched Training for Ducati and Suzuki !!

This is where it gets good. Ducati North America found this page online and bought the book. Soon after, I was on the road teaching the Ducati (DNA) network which led to becoming the North American Training Manager for DNA. I was responsible to build an internal training program covering Mexico, the United States and Canada. 


During 2016, the tides at DNA changed enough to see me resign. Just when I thought I would be fully self-employed again, Suzuki Motor of America came calling. Now in my third year at Suzuki, we’ve managed to launch a paradigm shift in Service Management training. Truly a blended course for Authorized Suzuki Dealers – Web, Instructor Led and Field visits. 

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